Disclaimer and warnings

The Law Firm MUREŞAN MITITEAN CLEJA (MMC) is making reasonable efforts to ensure that the web page www.mmc-law.ro is functioning on a continual basis, without technical errors or compatibility issues with recent versions of common browsers (Chrome, Edge / IE, Firefox , Android, iOS), that the information displayed is correct, complete and up to date, that the page does not contain computer viruses or any other malware and that it does not plant or retain data that would constitute an unlawful intrusion into the privacy of the person who visits the MMC website.

However, MMC cannot be held responsible for this, since the page www.mmc-law.ro is based on the WordPress platform and hosted on a third-party server. The website is not a bilateral communication tool, that enables the contracting of legal services or interaction of any kind that could have legal effects but it serves only for communicating general and preliminary information on MMC. Versions in languages other than Romanian are certified translations of the Romanian version, which, in case of any discordance, shall prevail.

In the content on the webpage www.mmc-law.ro there may sometimes be links to materials outside this page, usually official web pages of public authorities or assimilated entities. MMC assumes no liability for the functionality and information contained in those websites and has no relation to them, the references being purely informative.

As a result of all these elements, high-quality antivirus software is recommended for accessing www.mmc-law.ro, and the data on the site should be considered informative, as does not represent legal advice or official communications of MMC. For official communications it would be necessary to request and obtain direct messages from MMC by e-mail or on electronic data storage medium digitally signed by MMC or on paper signed by a MMC authorized representative.

Any attempt of unauthorized modification of content or settings, removal or malware infection, full download using dedicated software and other such abusive use or illegal actions on www.mmc-law.ro will be reported to the authorities, investigated and prosecuted according to applicable criminal law.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

The information on the website www.mmc-law.ro should be treated as protected intellectual property of MMC by law, according to the provisions of Law 8/1996, both regarding the content and the presentation, unless specifically indicated otherwise. MMC accepts that some sections will be copied / downloaded and stored by existing or potential MMC Clients, suppliers and collaborators, but only temporarily and for their own documentation and analysis purposes. Any other use requiries prior written consent of MMC.

By exception, the information in sections “Legal News” and “Legal Opinions” may be freely stored and broadcasted for journalistic or non-commercial purposes, provided the date, author and source are indicated and their integrity is preserved. MMC articles and publications displayed on the site may be quoted in accordance with the law and the good practice in the field. Unless otherwise specifically indicated for certain elements, the author’s moral rights are owned by the natural person.

Privacy Policy and Data Protection

This policy refers to the present website www.mmc-law.ro, which is the official website of the Law Firm MUREŞAN MITITEAN CLEJA (MMC), fiscal identification code 38952122. Full identification and contact details are specified in the section “contact”.

The role of the policy is to inform the persons who visit the site about the possible effects of accessing it, regarding the issue of data protection including, in particular, in the light of EU Regulation no. 679/2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (known as the “General Data Protection Regulation” or under the acronym “GDPR”). Also, this policy explains the influence of accessing the page on your computer, smartphone, or other type of terminal used to connect.

This page www.mmc-law.ro is technically created through the platform WordPress.com offered by the company Automattic Inc. https://automattic.com and is hosted on a server in Romania through companies operating in the field. This is not relevant to people who visit the webpage.

First of all, because the page has no interactivity elements (user accounts, comments section, like buttons, message writing interface, uploading or making payments etc.) involving the identification or potential identification of those who visit the site.

Secondly, the page settings are deliberately chosen so that there is no connection or interference with the identity of the visitors, in such a way that there is no collection of data by MMC and, as possible, by anyone else and no storage or analysis of login data, such as placing cookies, collecting or analyzing online technical identifiers such as IP, IMEI, geolocation data, or the like.

Therefore, although it is atypical for the current time (described as web 2.0 and dominated by Google Analytics tools), MMC does not know and does not want to know whether and when someone connects to its website, who they are, what device they are using to connect and where from, which sections it reads and for how long. Therefore, by connecting to and navigating the site, the visitors of the website are not identified nor are they identifiable for MMC.

In conclusion, MMC does not process in any way any personal data of those accessing its website, even in the very broad definition given by GDPR to the notion of “processing”. Therefore, the www.mmc-law.ro website does not display any notifications and does not require any kind of confirmation or acceptance from users about the privacy policy, cookies or personal data processing, because such actions would be actually devoid of object.

By navigating on the www.mmc-law.ro page, the user’s browser will most likely store in the cache elements of content of the website. Also, the www.mmc-law.com page is indexed and ranked by Google to be retrievable by searches using www.g www.google.com and is or probably will be indexed by other search engines. The page adjusts to the settings of the devide that is used to access it, to ensure the display application (varying the resolution and screen sizes of monitors, laptops, phones, etc.). All of these interactions take place without the placement of cookies or other software and without any collection or other processing of user data that may be considered personal data because it identifies or could serve to identify it or give information about a determined or determinable person.

Also, the “contact” section shows the map indicating the location of the MMC headquarters by inserting a window that leads to GoogleMaps, but the technical procedure also complies with the GDPR requirements. If the visitor to the site orders an increase or decrease of the GoogleMaps image in the “contact” section or switches to the satellite photo, it will exchange data with the site and with Google Inc. (a US company that was declared by the European Commission as now providing an adequate level of personal data protection under the EU-US Privacy Shield), but it will not even be placed in cookies and will not involve be personal data processing.

Changes to terms and conditions

MMC reserves the right to periodically update, without notice, these terms and conditions. The current version is v02 / February 2019 and its content was approved by the Cluj Bar Association by Decision no. 115 / 17th of July 2018. The current version is different from the v01 approved by the Cluj Bar Association only with regard to the address of the headquarters.