Radu Mititean is a fully qualified lawyer, founding partner of MMC as an associate lawyer. He is a member of the Cluj Bar since 2011. He has been active mostly in the field of legal advice. He speaks German, English and French.

He has experience mainly in the field of tax law, labor law, trade law, administrative, fiscal and contraventional law, IT law and intellectual property, law on urbanism and construction.

Also, he has experience in special areas of law, including medical and malpractice law, personal data protection, associative law / NGO, foreign law, environmental law, tourism and sports law, and drafting legislative proposals.

In the past, before his career in law, he has gained extensive professional experience in the public sector, in business and in the field of NGO, including at the international level, as a physician, mountain rescuer, guide, program director, executive director, consultant, expert, trainer and auditor, enabling him to have in-depth and interdisciplinary knowledge of many sectors, fields of activity and actors in those spheres, prerequisite for providing legal solutions that are best suited to the real situation.

He is the author of many publications, a frequent presence in the press, in conferences and public debates, and is a member of numerous committees, consultative structures and non-governmental and professional organizations at local, regional and national level, occupying leading positions and conducting extensive extra-professional activity on volunteer base in the tourism, sports, civic and environmental spheres.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in law and medicine, a Master’s degree in civil law and graduated from the Institute for the Professional Training of Lawyers. He also has formal training in tourism, mountain sports and environmental protection, quality management, associative management and other specific areas.

Can be contacted on MMC coordinates or, directly, at: