The Law Firm MUREŞAN MITITEAN CLEJA provides its clients, legal or natural persons, Romanian and foreign, legal consultancy, assistance and representation services in a wide range of legal areas, including special or niche ones, in order to ensure a high level of legal certainty.

In this regard, MMC, through its attorneys, makes every effort so that the rights and interests of its clients are protected at the highest level by detecting, documenting and neutralizing legal risks, by preventing litigation and avoiding damages, and in the case they nevertheless still occur, by maximizing the chance of winning the lawsuits and recovering or limiting the harm.


MMC is a young law firm, but comprised of experienced lawyers who have previously worked as associate lawyers or sole practitioners in co-operation with other structures, including one of the largest law firms active in the area of Cluj-Napoca, thus having the opportunity over the years, to resolve very diverse legal issues that often displayed complex and unusual traits and had a high value.

Thus, the founders of MMC, having benefited from multidisciplinary training, academic education and diverse legal and extrajudicial professional experience, both at local, national and international level, have audited, advised, assisted and successfully represented companies in the field of IT, real estate and manufacturing, some of the largest and most active in the northwest of Romania, many of which are part of multinational corporations.

In this context, MMC lawyers have drafted or reviewed international commerce contracts and managed negotiations and litigation worth hundreds of thousands or millions of euros, were involved in complex issues of legal audit, merger and acquisition, insolvency, large greenfield and brownfield real estate developments, insurance, urban planning, banking, tax and labor law, with foreign elements, intellectual property and personal data protection.

In addition to business law, MMC lawyers have extensive experience in many classical areas of civil and administrative law, but also in several atypical areas such as the development and promotion of draft laws and regulations (government decisions, ministerial orders, decisions of the local and county council), respectively special issues of business, medical, NGO, tourism, sports or environmental law.


MMC desires to be able to carry out its professional activity in a world that continually improves, and for his purpose it aims to cause a shift in the social, political and economical environment in the direction of legality and equity at national and international level, the prevalence of the force of justice over the justice of force, of respect and loyal cooperation in the case of conflict, giving priority to conflict prevention and amicable settlement of disputes, and to the adoption of equitable solutions, both at the individual level, in the relations between natural and legal persons, and at the high level of political and economic interstate relationships.

MMC wants Romania to be characterized by the rule of law, with a coherent, predictable, efficient and fair legislative, administrative and judicial system, with a stable and prosperous economic environment and a fair and inclusive social environment, with citizens who are educated and informed, proactive and responsible, composing a society attached to democratic values and to the respect for the national and universal cultural and natural heritage, for human dignity and human rights, for creativity, property, freedom, diversity and legality as prerequisites for sustainable development.

MMC contributes, including voluntarily and proactively, in its own name, to determining the changes necessary in order to make the world move towards sustainable development. In this regard, MMC is involved transparently and legitimately in the problems of the lawyers’ professional organization, the local community’s difficulties, in the legal informing and education of the citizens and the civil society, in influencing public policies and in campaigning to improve the content and enforcement of legal norms.

MMC aims to develop over time as an increasingly important and respected actor on the local and regional law market and as a relevant partner for other law firms and other liberal professions as well as for the public and private institutions and organizations with responsibilities or interests in this field. MMC seeks to build a long-term relationship with its lawyers based on competence, dedication and loyalty. With its clients, MMC aspires to establish long-term contractual relationships and a constant partnership, in order to provide predominantly a preventive diagnosis and counseling, and only occasionally assistance and representation in litigation.


MMC relies in its work and relationships with its Clients, staff, suppliers, authorities and other entities, on the general principles of legality, correctness, loyalty, dedication, mutual trust and respect, communication, promptness, honesty, ethics, fairness, confidentiality, professional integrity and independence, innovation, responsibility, political, ideological or religious non-partisanship, pro-activity and prevention, soundness, effectiveness, efficiency, rigor, traceability, stability over time and sustainability.

Such values are interpreted and applied in the light of MMC’s mission and vision and the legal and contractual rules governing MMC’s relationships when engaging with clients, other lawyers’, courts of law or arbitration, experts, mediators, public notaries, bailiffs, public authorities and other entities.

In this respect, according to the provisions of Law 51/1995 on the organization and exercise of the lawyers’ profession, the 2011 Statute of the lawyers’ profession (approved by UNBR Decision 64/2011), the Code of Ethics of the Romanian Lawyer (approved by UNBR Resolution 268/2017), the legitimate rights and interests of the client and therefore their defense and promotion, are core values for MMC in its professional activity


MMC approaches each client and each case with the utmost seriousness, considering that it needs to understand the circumstances thoroughly in order to be able to deliver services effectively and efficiently, taking into account all of the client’s interests, including indirect or long-term ones, so that, beyond the most favorable resolution of the legal issue for which the Client requested assistance from MMC, any other adverse effects or risks to the Client, not initially claimed, may be avoided or diminished or at least known and evaluated.

Therefore, MMC prefers to refuse a client or a potential case and to recommend another law firm or individual law office than to lower the quality of the legal services provided, due to insufficient time resources or insufficient experience in a certain area. MMC also pays much attention to preventing conflict of interests and any elements that may weaken the Client’s confidence or the public confidence in the professionalism and loyalty of MMC.

MMC emphasizes the obligations of professional independence and respect for the legal limits of the powers and means it can use. According to the Statute of the Lawyer, MMC is obliged to give the Client only legal advice according to the law and to act only within the limits of the law, according to its professional belief, as a counselor and representative of the Client, but not a employee or a simple subordinate of the Client.

MMC considers that its Clients should be best informed and able to decide what is the best strategic legal solution based on the information and explanations provided by MMC, a solution whose implementation will be done by or with the assistance of MMC, as we give written well argued opinions on any important topic or proposal. MMC can only assume on the Client’s behalf the tactical decisions and the concrete steps, but it does not have the right to substitute the Client’s will in essential or high risk decisions such as those legally qualified as acts of disposition or those decisions taken in the context of unclear legislation, inconsistent doctrine or jurisprudence.

MMC does not hesitate to support difficult, atypical, uncertain cases or those cases where the adversaries are people or groups with great political or economic power, but will operate in accordance with professional ethics, offering and also claiming the necessary respect from the courts, administrative authorities, other lawyers, the media and other entities, as the professional reputation is of utmost importance.

MMC believes that equitable legal solutions will be more advantageous in the long run and will insist on drafting proposals of balanced documents. MMC will prudently deal with high-risk legal solutions even if they could be very tempting from an economical point of view or would indirectly bring craved benefits.


  • Overview:

MMC offers a very broad spectrum of legal services tailored to each type of client and scope of business / field of practice, covering all phases and aspects of identifying and fully and durably solving the actual or potential legal problem of the Client, whether it is governed by Romanian, EU or international regulations, keen to the concept of “one-stop shop”.

Of course, MMC, as a law firm, also provides auxiliary services such as multiplication, scans, dispatches, deposits, withdrawals and other technical operations with documents, payment of various fees, as well as special services such as the possibility for Clients to temporary establish their headquarters in the offices of MMC and fiduciary services, remaining in the scope of the law. For situations that exceed the competence of law professionals, MMC can offer services of identification, evaluation, and recommendation of specialized providers for such related services required by the Client. In this respect, we also rely on our previous experience of collaborating with notaries, bailiffs, insolvency practitioners, mediators, tax consultants, accountants, authorized assessors, certified translators and interpreters, topographic and cadastral experts, private detectives, real estate agents, insurance brokers, specialists in human resources etc.

MMC provides services in Romanian or English and, upon request, certain services can also be offered in German or French, given the knowledge and certifications of MMC lawyers, including that of certified translator and interpreter, of certain languages. For other languages, MMC will seek, if necessary, professional services. In principle, MMC provides services on the territory of Romania and remote, via the Internet or other means of communication, but can assist or represent Clients also abroad for procedures subject to Romanian, European or international law.

  • General Legal Advice:

MMC provides legal advice by evaluating documents and factual situations, legislation, legal doctrine and judicial and administrative practice, requesting clarifications from public authorities, drafting legal opinions and reports on specific topics requested by the Client, as well as periodically drafting and providing informative legislative bulletins and maintaining an inventory of applicable rules for the Client’s business, carrying out of evaluations, verification and training of staff and representatives of legal entities.

MMC also provides, upon request, monitoring of the activity of insolvency practitioners, bailiffs or other professionals contracted by the Client or working on topics of interest of the Client, as well as monitoring of records and publications such as the Portal of the Courts, the Bulletin of Insolvency Proceedings, Official Industrial Property Bulletins, Trade Registry, Land Registry, Mobile Security Archives, National NGO Register, Publications of the Tax Administration or those of certain territorial administrative units (municipality or district authority) regarding debtors and others.

MMC ensures the supervision of the Client’s current procedures with legal implications, such as verification of the draft content of contracts or unilateral legal acts issued by the Client, notifications and declarations of various types, the legality of accounting evidence and the manner of keeping various records, the authorization of various premises, equipment or activities, the registration of warranties, or the incidence of certain legal norms on the Client’s activity or on its rights and interests.

  • Constitutive Acts and Internal Regulations:

MMC can also provide services related to the creation, amendment of the constitutive documents and dissolution of legal entities of all kinds, for example companies and NGOs, as well as self-employed persons (PFA) and liberal profession practitioners (lawyers, notaries, engineers, architects, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, accountants, translators etc.), as well as the legal assessment of any entities in view of takeover by merger or acquisition or acceptance as an associate, supplier or customer, through due diligence and second-party auditing, or assisting or representing such processes conducted by other entities.

MMC also offers legal assistance to clients in their initial internal organization and reorganization or further optimization, including the legal diagnosis of their organization and functioning, the establishment of the optimal needs and solutions for the internal organization, and the reviewing of the regulatory system, legal assistance for the bodies involved in the internal decision-making process of the legal person, the drafting and review of internal normative documents, internal statutes, regulations and procedures, templates and models of contracts and other legal acts, meeting minutes and decisions of the bodies of the legal entity or the holder of the entity.

MMC assists its Clients, upon request, in their internal processes of assessment and compliance with legal requirements, internal regulatory and contractual requirements, as well as in case of control and inspections from all types of public authorities, financial audits and second-party and third-party evaluations and audits, including certification, supervision or re-certification on management standards in the ISO 9000, 14000, 22000, 27000, 37000, 45000 series, etc., taking into account the importance of the regulatory compliance component required by these standards

  • Non-contentious procedures:

MMC offers, among others, assistance or representation in negotiation, conciliation and mediation in non-contentious proceedings before courts or administrative authorities and assimilated entities such as notaries, bailiffs and professional organizations. MMC can assist or represent Clients in audiences before public authorities or in front of various committees and consultative or deliberative collective bodies of local and central public authorities, creditors’ meetings and committees, general assemblies of certain associative structures.

MMC can certify the identity of the parties, the content and the date of documents, represent a party who did not give a specific mandate as part of the procedure of the special curator, draft petitions, requests, memos and other administrative steps for obtaining information and documents in non-contentious ways, including authorizations, agreements, endorsements and other regulatory acts, administrative acts of any kind from the Romanian authorities, as well as the drafting and promotion of normative administrative acts at local or national level or draft laws or ordinances in order to change the legal framework in the direction desired by the Client.

  • Litigation:

In the trial and pre-trial sphere, MMC assists and represents Clients in their contentious or pre-contentious internal procedures, such as hierarchical controls and inquiries or disciplinary investigations, as well as in litigation before any court or tribunal of any type, and any level in Romania, as well as before arbitral courts, the Constitutional Court, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). The services include establishing procedural strategies, procuring required documents, representing the Client in court hearings, implementing administrative-judicial decisions and arbitration decisions, in the case of procedures for registration or deletion in the Land Registry or other official records and registers or assistance in the enforcement proceedings.

In the context of litigation, MMC provides services for the drafting, review and legal analysis of any pre-trial or trial documents, such as summons, notices of delay, preliminary complaints, all forms of legal action including proceedings against petty offenses or criminal complaints, statements of defense and responses to such, exceptions, requests for postponement or suspension, requests to reopen a case, recusal or change of venue, conclusions of a hearing, interrogations and responses to interrogations, requests for evidence, counterclaims, transactions, written conclusions, objections to expert opinions, requests for review of judicial fines, for financial aid, for the completion or clarification, communication and finalization, appeal, second appeal, review and appeals for annulment.



  • General specifications

MMC works in an organized and professional manner, ensuring the traceability and objective justification of all its acts and decisions, both to the Client and to its own staff, suppliers, public authorities and other entities. In this regard, MMC provides and requests rigor and clarity regarding the drafting of legal assistance contracts, correspondence with the Client and the financial supporting documents for the activities carried out. The written record represents the rule for all important information and decisions, and the verbal statements will be summarized or / and subsequently confirmed in writing for probative purposes.

  • How to become our Client

According to the approach to business relationships, previously set forth, in the preliminary conversations or correspondence with potential clients, MMC aims to determine their requests, needs, expectations and possibilities, in order to decide whether its own competence and workload and, respectively, the rules regarding the conflict of interests allow, in principle, the conclusion of the legal assistance contract. MMC then makes a preliminary estimate of the feasibility, volume, type of legal work and costs, both the fee and other expense, and communicates them to the Client.

After receiving the acceptance of the Client, regarding the main points of the legal consultancy agreement, MMC drafts and transmits to potential Clients in writing, usually by e-mail, the proposal for a legal consultancy agreement, requesting the Client to inform MMC in case of any concerns and proposals for modification or completion, to verify the identification information and contact details and to send us copies of relevant documents. After the conclusion of the negotiations, by reaching an agreement, usually by email, on all the clauses of the contract, the drafting is finalized and the contract is recorded in the Register of legal assistance contracts. At this point one becomes our Client and all the legal provisions for the protection of the relationship between lawyer and client become applicable, such as the legal rights and obligations of the Client and of MMC, including the fact that the legal consultancy agreement becomes a document bearing a certified date and an enforceable title.

Simultaneously or after having reached an agreement on the content of the legal consultancy agreement, the written agreement shall be signed on paper or, if necessary, by correspondence, for probation purposes, in at least two copies. The document reproducing the content of the contract will be signed first by MMC and the by the Client. An original copy will be returned to the Client and the other will be kept in the legal archive. All copies and their content are confidential.

  • Terms of the legal consultancy agreement – clarifications

The Legal Consultancy Agreement with MMC expands the minimum content provided by the Professional Statute of Lawyers by mentioning and detailing all the important legal aspects of its object and the rights and obligations of the parties, in order for the Client to have the necessary clarity and to avoid ignoring certain legal provisions whose incidence was in anyway implicit. The content of the agreements is tailored to the type of contract (for litigation, consultancy or special services, with a distinction based on the specific or generic type – subscription or on demand) and to the client (professional or consumer). The contract is drafted in Romanian or is bilingual and can subsequently have additional acts or, as the case may be, requests for and acceptance of requests, which is the legal equivalent of an additional act.

  • Clarifications regarding lawyer’s fees and expenses

According to the law, the costs incurred by MMC on behalf of the Client are distinct, settled separately with the Client and are not included in the lawyers’ fees. The lawyer’s fees are paid in full or at least partially in advance, are established either on an hourly basis or at flat rate and may include, besides the basic fee, a success fee. The basic fee cannot be established solely as a percentage from the value of the object of the contract and the payment cannot be related to the achievement or not of the final goal pursued by the Client, considering MMC has, according to the law, a duty of care, not an obligation to achieve a specific result.

  • Permanent collaboration with the Client

The effectiveness and quality of the services provided by MMC depend greatly on the information and documents presented by the Client in due time, and on the advancement / payment of costs (eg. court fees) in a complete and prompt manner. As such, good communication between MMC and the Client and the compliance by the latter with the requests and indications of MMC is essential. The repeated or serious breach of the contractual obligations by the Client may lead to the early termination of the legal consultancy agreement.

Download our confidentiality declaration in .pdf format

MMC emphasizes that it has a privacy obligation, as a Law Firm, and so do all the lawyers working for the Law Firm, and any other person within it or with whom they work (such as technical-administrative staff, accountants, tax advisers etc.) by law, without requiring the conclusion of any confidentiality agreement with the client or potential client.

This obligation arises mainly from the articles of the law on the organization and practice of the profession of lawyer, that expressly and specifically deals with the confidentiality obligations in relation to the information about Clients and potential Clients, namely Articles 11, 35 and 45 (6) of Law 51/1995 and those provided by Articles 6, 8, 9 and 10 of the Statute of the Lawyer’s Profession from 2011.

The confidentiality obligation of MMC is absolute and unlimited in time, and covers all information, documents and records entrusted by the Client or the prospective Client in any way or made known directly or indirectly through the interaction with the Client, its representatives or its agents and which were not previously held by the Law Firm or are not made public or legitimately disclosed by third parties.
This obligation of confidentiality is maintained by law, regardless of whether the potential Client will or will not conclude a legal consultancy agreement with MMC, and subsists after the eventual termination of the contract. During the implementation of the legal consultancy agreement, the Law Firm’s confidentiality obligations are specifically included in its terms. An eventual breach by MMC of legal obligations of confidentiality with respect to the Client or prospective Client entails disciplinary, civil, tort and criminal liability, as applicable, in accordance with the law, both for MMC and for the guilty natural person.

Download the declaration in .pdf format

MMC fully complies with the provisions of the legislation on the protection of personal data, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 679/2016, known as GDPR) and the rules issued by the competent authorities for its application. In this regard, MMC, as a Law Firm and all the lawyers working in MMC, as well as any other persons with whom MMC collaborates, have a particular interest in the protection of personal data relating to individuals who are Clients or potential Clients of MMC, legal or conventional representatives of MMC contracting parties, whether potential, current or past, or related to other natural persons.

Such obligations exist in the light of GDPR, automatically, by law, for an unlimited duration, without the need to assume specific contractual obligations towards Clients or other legal or natural persons on the subject. For clarity, such obligations are present as terms in contracts concluded by MMC with Clients, suppliers and other entities as MMC has the quality of personal data controller and, exceptionally, personal data processor or joint controller.

MMC implements appropriate technical measures (such as IT security, physical security of the headquarters of the Law Firm and communications), legal measures (specific clauses in contracts with suppliers and other entities) and organizational measures (training and verification of persons, limitation of access to personal data on a need to know basis, regulations on working with personal data etc.) in order to protect all operations relating directly or indirectly to personal data, to prevent unauthorized or unlawful processing and accidental or illegal loss or destruction of data, regardless of their form and environment.

MMC carries out personal data processing in compliance with the principles set out in Article 5 of the GDPR, namely: the processing is characterized by legality, fairness and transparency; collection is made only for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes, and it regards only appropriate, relevant and limited data that are necessary, accurate and up-to-date; promptly attributed to the data subject; processing is done with appropriate technical and organizational measures, to respect the rights and freedoms of the data subject, ensuring integrity and confidentiality, and based on the principle of responsibility.

Categories of data subjects: MMC currently processes personal data of the following categories of natural persons: current, potential or former Clients, natural persons; current, potential or former legal or conventional representatives of any type, as well as associates, members, employees or other affiliates of current, potential or former Clients and their bodies in the case of legal persons or associative entities without legal personality; its own staff, its partners natural persons and their staff, representatives of MMC’s collaborators and suppliers who are legal entities or associative entities without legal personality; opponents or potential opponents, contracting partners, employees, or individuals with another type of relationship with MMC’s Clients as communicated by them or third parties or as identified by MMC; the representatives of public authorities, the media and other entities with which MMC interacts; other individuals with whom MMC comes into contact.

Main categories of data processed by MMC: Identification and contact details, including some or all of the following: surname and first name, nationality, domicile and, if applicable, residence, personal identification number, identity document including type, serial number, issuer, date of issue and the validity term, bank account number, date and place of birth, parents’ name, genre, the portrait / bust picture on the identity document, the handwritten signature, any other direct or indirect identification data, mobile or fixed phone number from home or workplace; email address; username for social media platforms and such.

Additional categories of personal data processed by MMC may include some of the following, depending on the category of data subject and the purpose of the processing: studies, qualifications, academic, scientific or professional titles; occupation, workplace, job description, tasks, assessments and professional achievements, rewards; type, serial number, issuer, date of issue of documents containing personal data, such as study documents, certificates, affidavits and the like; information on the legal capacity, the identity of the curator, guardian or other representative or legal protector, if any; if the data subject is associate / shareholder / member in various entities either non-profit or for profit, as well as the functions held; knowledge of foreign languages, various skills, hobbies, and passions and concerns in this respect; photo and video images that identify directly or indirectly the natural person.

Other additional category of personal data processed by MMC may include: the identity and location where the intended person was, respectively, the route and means of transport with which he or she moved, the activity made or the person with whom he or she met or interacted in a certain way at a certain point or time; civil status data, including marriage, kinship and affinity, friendship or other such lawful or de facto inter-human relationships; information on patrimonial status, such as ownership of movable and immovable property, receivables and debts, patrimonial transactions carried out or planned; the existence of securities or mortgages, garnishments and other seizures or forced execution acts; the existence of various contractual relationships or specific legal obligations towards other persons; the existence of disputes, litigation or potential litigation.

Exceptionally, MMC may also process special categories of personal data, which may include, as the case may be, some of the following categories, depending on the category of data subject and the purpose of the processing: medical, psychological, genetic, biological data, biometrics; information on characteristics, practices, origins, belongings, orientations or beliefs in the ethnic, racial, political, religious, trade union, ONG, food, sexual spheres; data on violations of norms and on safety measures, prohibitions, disqualifications and restrictions, disciplinary, civil, contraventional or criminal sanctions, or ongoing procedures related to potential sanctions of this kind.

The purpose of the processing may include, as the case may be: drafting the legal consultancy agreement, additional acts, invoices and other documents intended for the Client or to be concluded with the Client; drafting documents in the name of the Client, according to the mandate entrusted; forwarding to courts and other legal entities, natural persons and other entities, both in Romania and abroad, as representative or defender, of the requests and other documents necessary for the execution of the mandate entrusted; other acts of execution of the legal consultancy agreement concluded with the Client, including the carrying out of various specific and related advocacy activities in the Client’s interest.

Other purposes of processing may be: fulfillment of financial and accounting obligations arising from the collection of lawyers’ fees and advance / reimbursements of expenditures; the fulfillment of the professional obligation of the lawyer to keep records of the contracts concluded by the Law Firm; fulfillment of other specific obligations imposed by law on lawyers; communication with the Client and other persons affiliated with or involved; achieving the Client’s interest in obtaining legal advice or assistance / representation; pursuing the public interest in ensuring the provision of lawyers’ services and the legitimate aims of the lawyer, including the fulfillment of legal obligations to know its clientele and to avoid conflicts of interest.

Processing time: Personal data will be processed by MMC only for the period for which the type of processing in question is justified under the GDPR, which is specific to each category of personal data and depends on the purpose and the basis of the processing. The specific duration is determined in accordance with the legal and regulatory requirements regarding the maintenance of specific professional records (of legal consultancy agreements, POAs, certifications of persons, content, dates etc.) respectively those regarding the keeping of specific financial-accounting and fiscal records or other specific norms.

The period of processing typically includes the duration of the performance of the contract with the Client plus the limitation period for possible sanctions, penalties or claims arising out of civil legal acts or deeds or legal norms, that may be raised by one party, third parties involved or tax authorities. The processing period will include or coincide with the explicit storage times required by law for documents that may contain personal data, such as 5 years for invoices and receipts or 10 years for accounting records and financial statements or for financial-accounting documents, that may reflect the commission of a crime.

What happens to the date at the end of the processing period: MMC periodically reviews the collected data, analyzing to what extent its retention is still necessary for the aforementioned purposes and the interests of the Client / natural person and it decides to stop the processing for data that is no longer required to be retained. At the end of the processing period, that particular document, incorporating personal data, shall be returned to the data subject or entity that transmitted the data, or to the National Archives or other authority or institutions legally empowered, or it is destroyed or anonymized as appropriate.

The legal basis of the processing of personal data carried out by MMC is usually that of concluding and executing the legal consultancy agreement and of fulfilling a legal obligation, according to article 6 paragraph 1 letter b) and c) of GDPR and, less often, the fulfillment of a task serving a public interest that is performed for the legitimate interests pursued by MMC, the Client or a third party, according to article 6 paragraph 1 letter e) respectively f) of GDPR. In principle, MMC does not process personal data on the basis of the consent given to the MMC by the data subject, which is why MMC does not carry out any steps and procedures for requesting and obtaining the consent of the data subject.

Recipients: Personal data held by MMC are disclosed directly or indirectly to persons other than the data subject but solely for the benefit of the data subjects, in the legitimate interest of the MMC Client or MMC itself or in cases expressly provided by law such as reporting to certain authorities such as the Tax Administration or the Office for Money Laundry.

The rights of subjects whose data is processed by MMC (including the simple storage of their personal data) are those provided by law, and individuals benefit from a range of rights including the right to be informed (to know if MMC processes their data), the right of access (to data and information such as categories of data, source of origin, purpose, basis, recipients / categories of recipients, processing period, actual rights related to data / processing), the right to object (with regard to processing based on the public interest or legitimate interest of the controller), the right to rectification (correction and completion of the erroneous / inaccurate or incomplete data) and, under certain conditions, also the right of data portability, the right to temporarily restrict the processing and even to the right to request the erasure of data.

Special remarks: MMC does not submit personal data to automated processing, nor does it use it to create profiles, much less for making automated decisions about a natural person. MMC does not process personal data for secondary purposes incompatible with the purposes for which it has collected them, nor does it pass it on to third parties for direct marketing or for any other such purpose. The MMC Internet page does not use cookies and does not process any personal data as specified in the “Terms and Conditions” section.

MMC uses procedures, equipment, software and other technical and organizational means for storing data under appropriate security conditions and strictly adheres to professional secrecy, as a core ethical value, in accordance with the legal and contractual confidentiality obligations, not disclosing personal data except for the fulfillment of Client’s interests or the fulfillment of specific legal obligations.

Contact data and courses of action for data subjects: Specific information on personal data held / processed by MMC, according to the applicable legislation, can be obtained by the data subjects by sending an email to MMC with the “subject” beginning with the phrase “GDPR” at office@mmc-law.ro or a paper written request, indicating the questioner’s identification data and the items that he or she knows or thinks justify the granting of his / her request. The MMC’s unsatisfactory resolution of the request entitles the data subject to complain to the competent national authority (ANSPDCP www.dataprotection.ro), but also to the Cluj Bar Association and the courts of law.